Generous use of glass invites light, views, and sky inside – enhancing the beauty of your home like nothing else. Architects and designers use glass to give us the bright, open feeling so popular in today’s living spaces.

Unfortunately, problems come with the pleasure. The same sun that brightens the home also exposes your interior furnishings to damaging ultraviolet light and heat – contributing to the fading of carpets, upholstery, fabrics, and finishes. Solar heat also increases the temperature inside your house, resulting in higher costs for air conditioning.

There is an easy, cost-effective solution: window tinting from Tint Atlanta! Permanently applied to the inside surface of your windows, this “transparent insulation” allows light to pass through while reducing harmful ultraviolet rays. At the same time, it significantly reduces solar heat. You’ll get the protection you need, without sacrificing your view or needlessly wasting energy.

The right window tint creates a look of elegant uniformity for your property. Various interior decorations or furnishings seen from the outside can give an inconsistent appearance to your building or home. The application of window film can make differences “disappear” and provide a beautiful, harmonious exterior.

We’re so positive that our window film will give you the ultimate in performance and protection, we guarantee our work against bubbling, peeling, flaking or delamination for as long as you own your home.