If your building was designed and constructed before recent glass innovations became available, the original windows may not be performing at current high standards. An updated glass system-taking advantage of today’s technology through window tinting-provides temperature control and saves on air conditioning costs. It protects against fading and other UV damage, increases security and safety, and enhances the appearance of the building. Space with these¬†environmental¬†improvements is more desirable to owners and tenants alike, as window tinting is more cost-effective and comfortable.

The functional value of your structural glass may have decreased due to a number of circumstances and changes in use. Occupant load often increases as the years go by. Office and other space tenants may require more heat control, less glare, a more user-friendly environment. Your aging cooling (HVAC) system may not perform efficiently in the face of increasing demands, especially at peak heat periods. Making use of technological advances and recapturing optimum function can be done with more ease and economy than you might expect using window film. While window replacement is generally a complex and costly undertaking, there is another, practical option, window tint.

You can have the best available solar control technology and bring functional utility up to date, with Tint Atlanta. We carry a line of films that offers a range of specific benefits and features that solve the problems presented by obsolete window systems. We will help you choose a system that will add value, control costs, and improve the appearance of your commercial property.