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Tint Atlanta’s high-performance automotive window tinting gives your vehicle style that cannot be duplicated any other way. It’s a look that says many things to many people. Clean and classic. Sophisticated and sharp. Available in a range of shades, you choose your look.

Window Tinting provides a multi-layer, metallized barrier between your vehicle’s interior and the damaging effects of the sun. Our window film will block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and up to 60% of the heat. Always good-looking, it provides an incredibly clear view from inside your vehicle while shielding you from the sun.

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Generous use of glass invites light, views, and sky inside – enhancing the beauty of your home like nothing else. Architects and designers use glass to give us the bright, open feeling so popular in today’s living spaces.

Unfortunately, problems come with the pleasure. The same sun that brightens the home also exposes your interior furnishings to damaging ultraviolet light and heat – contributing to the fading of carpets, upholstery, fabrics, and finishes. Solar heat also increases the temperature inside your house, resulting in higher costs for air conditioning.

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Tint Atlanta’s Safety and Security Films comprise a special class of window film products. What distinguish them as a group are both their physical properties and the uses to which they are put. Functionally, they provide a stronger physical barrier that is more firmly bonded to the glass surface (generally speaking) than conventional solar control or decorative films. While solar control & decorative elements can be, and often are, added to safety and security films, it is their physical properties (such as their peel, tensile, puncture, and break strength) that allow them serve a variety of safety and other protective uses. These functions, discussed below, can be grouped into seven major categories, with corresponding unique market avenues.

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